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​Cyber crime is at an all-time high.  It’s not a matter of if you will be targeted, it’s a matter of when.  Over 80% of all data breaches happen to small and mid-sized businesses. In many cases, their owners believe that they don't need enterprise grade security.  And the hackers know this.  Our solutions are affordable and  enterprise grade. Which can optionally be monitored and managed in real time.


We can assist in virtually all aspects of digital forensics. We employ multiple state of the art tools and have the expertise to help clients and their IT staff properly diagnose the situation, retrieve the relevant data, secure and protect the data and then analyze the implications of the data breach or other situation.

We will then present the data in a clear manner for further review.



Maintaining the security, confidentiality and availability of data is critical to all modern firms and organizations. The difficulty in doing so has never been greater due to new increasingly complex government and industry compliance standards. The bottom line is that companies must have a well defined program ensure compliance to the various security standards.


It's happened to most  of us...that millisecond where the precious data that you spent days or even months to create is instantly gone. It doesn't matter if it was due to due  a hardware failure, accidental erasure or malicious destruction. No matter how long you look at it,  you can't undo it. In many cases, we have methods to retrieve lost data that the average user is not capable of.