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Diagnose :

​​Whether it's corrupted or deleted data records, instant messages or data residing on computers, workstations, internal networks, backup drives, mobile platforms or other devices -- We can analyze it.

We help you manage your data as soon as an incident or breach is discovered. We can assist you in notifying your data custodians of the issues and advise your staff of what responsibilities exist in order to preserve information.

Then, we assist you in establishing the location of all relevant data, right down to individual device(s) or person(s). If the necessary data exists, we'll find it.

Once we've identified the location or source of your data, we provide you with a thorough understanding of the situation.  When you’re ready to retrieve the data, we'll be there for you.

Retrieve :

​Once we've assisted you in diagnosing and analyzing your data, we're ready to retrieve the data and gather any needed evidence for any potential case. 

Our decades of experience allow us to collect data from almost any device--from the most outmoded systems to the latest social media platforms. We will find a way to forensically, and properly, collect and protect the data.

​Secure :

All of your data is securely collected and audited to protect the chain of custody. We use a multitude of digital forensic tools and methods to image and secure your data which is always indexed and stored for you in encrypted containers.

Analyze :

​​Once the data for a case has been collected and indexed, we offer several options to perform the forensic analysis.  We can help you with various analysis and discovery methods.


We can perform memory analysis, network data analysis on all types of networks, computers and devices tp include smartphones, tablets, Apple iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, virtual machines, cloud systems and databases such as Oracle, MS-SQL, and MySQL.