Courteous and personal Cyber Security consultations to help you understand, in lay terms, the true realities of digital crime -- and how to fight back.

When it comes to data breach prevention, what you don't know will eventually hurt you.  When it comes to cyber security and breach prevention, knowledge is power.


A cyber risk assessment fully identifies security vulnerabilities and risk within a business and their operations to show what assets are prone to cyber threats.

With the expertise to provide quality security and risk assessments for enterprise as well as small business networks we give you the ability to understand your current security situation and your risk exposure using best industry practices.

We will sit right beside you and walk you through the daunting maze of cyber security.  We'll then work to give you the knowledge and resources that will empower you to confidently monitor and protect your own data. Or partner with you to provide continuing assessment and monitoring to protect you going forward.

Since many companies are subject to various regulations we take these factors into account when we work on your assessments.  Then report yo you on how you compare to the various standards and regulations.

At the end of the assessment we will provide you with a recommended road map  that combines your current technologies and recommends upgrades or newer technologies to increase you defense against cyber threats.

We can also arrange to do penetration testing on your infrastructure. This will probe your internal networks, firewalls and web presence for potential vulnerabilities which could result in a breach.  The offer you recommendation to alleviate these weaknesses.

"I'm just a small business.  Do I need a security and risk assessment?"

When a small business' system is breached, what happens can be catastrophic.  Repairing the damage often costs a business far more than the cost of having been pro-active by protecting their system.  By knowing, in advance, the weaknesses of your business, you can affordably adopt strategies to strengthen your defences.  With regular security and risk assessments, you'll never be left in the dark scrambling to fix what's been broken.

Estimated costs of penetration testing